Socialista And Beauty: 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Skin Care and Hair After Swimming

Swimming is a fun sport. But beyond that, swimming is also a danger for healthy scalp and hair because there is a separate effect. According to researchers from Columbia University, the content of chlorine in swimming pools can reduce the hair's natural oils which can cause damage to the hair cuticle.

So also with a swim at the beach. High seawater salinity can reduce hair moisture making the hair dry and brittle. But that does not mean you then abstinence swim. With proper treatment you can still get the benefits of swimming without damaging hair.

 Protect hair
Chlorine in pool water can make hair dry and damaged. Protect your hair to avoid the ill effects of chlorine. Use a swimming cap to protect the hair from contact with hazardous chemicals in the pool.

Use a moisturizer
If you decide to swim without a cap, apply hair moisturizer or olive oil to protect the hair from harmful content of the pool water. Wrap hair moisturizer can help block the direct contact with the hair of chemicals in the pool or a high salt content in sea water.

Wet your hair and rinse
Wet your hair before entering the pool. Dry hair will be easier to absorb chemicals into the water while. Wet hair can help reduce the absorption of chlorine or salt water when swimming in the ocean. Once completed swam straight hair rinse with clean water. Do not delay this activity so that the hair is not exposed to the chemicals longer.

Clean hair
If possible, wash your hair with warm water for 5 minutes to remove chemicals that stick while swimming. Use shampoo and moisturizer to prevent the hair from drying out. For those who swim frequently use special shampoo for swimmers containing serum and moisturizing ingredients to protect hair from damage.

Dry natural
Dry your hair gently with a towel and let it dry naturally. If you will use a hairdryer, select the hairdryer which provides features cold wind. The use of wind on a hot hair dryer will make hair more dry.

additional care
Use conditioner to make hair damp and strong. Besides can make healthier hair, conditioner can also help hair look neater day. For those of you who include frequent swimming, use a hair treatment or visit the salon on a regular basis for treatment or hair spa cream bath.